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Free 15-minute Consultation

New Patient Starter Package

Individual Sessions

Functional nutrition testing

Free 15-minute Consultation

Unsure if nutrition counseling is right for you? Contact Samara today to schedule a free, 15-minute phone consultation to get your questions answered without any obligation.

New Patient Starter Package - 4 sessions

The new patient starter package arms patients with the tools and support they need to dive right in! This package focuses on setting new patients up for success with four, one-on-one sessions, a customized nutrition and lifestyle plan, support between appointments, and other benefits. 

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Nutrition Counseling - Initial Appointment + 3 Follow-up Sessions

Nutritional Assessment + Evaluation

Personalized Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan

Supplement Recommendations (if necessary) - Shein Nutrition patients receive 15% off pharmaceutical grade supplements year round

Functional Nutrition Testing (if necessary)

Progress Tracking 

Access to Better App - Find everything you need in one convenient place including dietary and lifestyle journals, nutrition plans, appointment notes, scheduling, and more!

Functional Nutrition Testing

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Functional nutrition testing provides another piece of the puzzle to uncover underlying imbalances in the body that may be driving frustrating symptoms including low energy and stubborn weight loss. The most commonly utilized and requested tests include:  




Food sensitivity 



Women's Health

Labs can be collected through home test kits or a phlebotomist who will perform a blood draw from the comfort and safety of your home.