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My Philosophy

Regardless of the medical condition or health goal that brings a patient to me, I work with each patient to shift their mindset away from "dieting" and "deprivation" to one that focuses on nourishment and intuitive eating principles. While my mantra is "food as medicine", food is so much more! Food is culture and connection. It's emotional and political and the list goes on. That's why many fad diets fail to provide people with long term, sustainable outcomes. They are not designed to address our individual biochemistry, dietary preferences, health history, cultural backgrounds, and other factors that make our needs unique. Instead, I incorporate therapeutic interventions that empower people to take on one change at a time through personalized nutrition plans. 


Meet Samara

Hey there!

I'm Samara, a registered dietitian with a passion for nutrition education. I love helping my patients discover a dietary approach that aligns with their mind, body, and spirit. I hold a Masters degree in nutrition science from the University of Illinois and received my education in integrative and functional nutrition through the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy’s board certification program. I have primarily worked in integrative clinics where I have had the privilege to co-treat with other healthcare providers with diverse specializations. I combine my background in dietetics, nutrition science, and functional nutrition, offering patients a truly holistic approach to their care. 

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