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"I started working with Samara a little over a year ago and she has truly changed my life. When I started with her I was having all sorts of gut issues. I had SIBO, was not sleeping, had severe hot flashes at night, and could not eat anything without feeling sick. With her guidance, knowledge and support I am finally free of all of those things! She works with you and your way of life to help support you. She truly individualizes a program to fit your needs and lifestyle. She is caring, kind, and so knowledgeable in this field. She would always help to make sure that I understood everything and felt comfortable. She not only helps you come up with a plan to fit your needs but informs you of the why behind it. I did not feel like I was just “completing another program.”


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Healthy Salad

"Samara is hands-down the best person I’ve worked with who has helped me with my relationship with food. She takes the time to get to know you and creates individualized game plans based on your personal goals. She also helps you stay accountable in the most supportive way. She understands the mental aspect behind food decisions, and has helped me break through so many barriers so I can live an overall healthier lifestyle. She’s knowledgeable, kind, sincerely cares about her clients, and I can’t recommend her enough!"


"I had the pleasure of meeting Samara Shein in September of 2019.  After being diagnosed with Hashimotos, I sought assistance in figuring out how to best fuel my body and regain my energy/feel better. Samara calmly worked with me, and together we learned what my particular body liked and disliked. From there Samara helped me learn more about how to create habits by remaining accountable to her and therefore myself, broadened the types of foods in my diet to influence nutrition/mood/energy, and she provided me with excellent resources. We continue to work together to help me stay on track and by feeling better and learning how to fuel my body, I have not only felt more like myself but have also lost weight in the process. I cannot begin to recommend Samara enough, but I think this review is a good start."



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"I have been working with Samara on losing weight and better understanding nutrition choices for myself and my family for almost two years. She is very knowledgeable and brings a one-on-one approach when finding the ways to achieve your goals. Samara not only helped me to lose weight but also to change my lifestyle. I gained a better understanding of how the food choices I make affect my body, energy levels through the day and support my health and weight loss objectives."


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